Certification Options

The Code allows wine companies to be certified in the Green, Red, and Orange Areas and for individual grape producers to be certified in the Green Area and wineries in the Red Area.

The company requests certification, including the grape suppliers in the Green Area, if applicable, in the percentages required by the Sustainability Code. In addition, it must meet the Red and Orange Area requirements. Once the certification is obtained, the logo may be used in accordance with the specifications outlined in the Brand Manual.




Grape producers or wineries that request certification individually and independently may choose this option. In this case, a certificate is granted for the respective area and the logo can only be used on signs placed on the property or winery facility (as appropriate), print materials or other public media. The certificate does not give the company the right to use the logo on the final product (wine). This is reserved for the companies that obtain certification for all three areas (Option 1).