Use of the Registered Trademark

Standards for the Use of the Registered Trademark Certified Sustainable Wine of Chile®” and Certification Seal

Registered Trademark: Regulation for Use and Control of Registered Trademark

Vinos de Chile is the owner of the registered trademark “CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE WINE OF CHILE” and the logo with registration numbers 973345 and 973347 issued by the National Industrial Property Institute (INAPI).

In order to verify the authenticity of the CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE WINE OF CHILE trademark, the certified wine company must have a link on its Website that allows the brand CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE WINE OF CHILE to be connected to the page that Vinos de Chile has created for this purpose ( The page will contain the list of companies that are actually authorized to use the brand by Vinos de Chile.


The certificate number is a number issued by Vinos de Chile to identify a company, independent producer, or winery service supplier that is certified. This number serves as identification and traceability of the certificate.
The number can be used in the final product for the purpose of traceability of the certificate but not the product, given that it is not part of the Code. The certification is issued for the company’s performance, not the product.


There is no difference in the certification seal between wineries that score higher or lower once the minimum required by the Code is surpassed. There also is no difference between wineries that present 100% of their land and facilities for the certification process and those that submit only part of their land and facilities as long as the Code requirements for certification are met.
Use of the seal should be based on the requirements and parameters established in the Sustainability Code Visual Identity Manual.