Institutional Structure

There are various bodies with set roles which act independently of one another. The governance, updating, and administration of the Code are the responsibility of Vinos de Chile through the Vinos de Chile R+D Consortium. The audits and certification decisions are the responsibility of certification agencies authorized by Vinos de Chile. As such, the technical decision to certify is completely externalized, but the general review of the process and granting of the certificate remains with Vinos de of Chile.

The institutional structure is described below:



Vinos de Chile – Vinos de Chile R+D Consortium

This body is responsible for governance and approves the changes made to the Code that are proposed by the Standards and Superior Committees. This is the agency that issues the Sustainability Code certificates.

Superior Code Committee

This technical body ensures the transparency and consistency of the process through a quarterly review of the certification system. It also acts as a technical instance for recommendation for improvements to the Code, especially in regard to certification criteria and rules on certification appeals in the second instance.

Its members represent different interests, and no one member takes predominance over another in order to maintain a balance of opinions and points of view. This Committee is composed of the following members:

Dante Pesce Director,                   Engagement Center                                                    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Elena Carretero                            Manager of Corporate and Sustainability Matters           Viña Santa Rita
Inés Urquiaga                               Director, Communication and Information Unit               Pontificia Universidad Católica
Mario Pablo Silva                         General Manager                                                         Viña Casa Silva
Yerko Moreno                               Director, Grape and Wine Center                                  Universidad de Talca
Marcelo Pino                                Professional Sommelier

Standards Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing regulatory changes to the Code requirements (standard and checklist) and the certification criteria. The committee is composed of members representing various interests and no member may take predominance over another. The members are:

Rodrigo Constandil                        Quality Management and Sustainability                         Viña Miguel Torres
Jimena Balic                                 Enologist, R+D Vinos de Chile                                     Viña Santa Carolina
Luis E. Izquierdo                           Marketing Manager                                                      Viña Anakena
Stefanie Pope                               Assistant Manager of Sustainability                              Wal-Mart Chile
Sergio Gallardo                             Assistant Manager of Quality                                        Cristalerías Chile
María José Rojas                          Consultant Engagement                                               Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Valentina Lira                                Assistant Manager of Sustainability                              Viña Concha y Toro

Technical Unit

This unit is responsible for the administration of the Code and is the body that interacts with the wineries, certification agencies, and auditors. It also oversees development and training activities.

Certification Agency

The Certification Agency (CA) is responsible for regular certification decisions and for the certification companies registered with Vinos de Chile. These decisions are made with the support of the structure of the certification agency and may come under the purview of a Certification Official or other body that the certifier has for this purpose, such as its own certification committee.
The CAs must form part of the certification agency registry, have ISO 65 or equivalent accreditation, and pass a course on the Code.

Certifying Auditors

The auditors conduct the Code evaluations in situ. All Code auditors must be trained by Vinos de Chile and conduct at least one test audit before beginning to audit directly. The professionals have the skills necessary to assess agricultural issues, the winemaking process, and the corporate environment.